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Alex Bell Dental
Rating: 5 5 Star Reveiws, Alex Bell Dental "Wonderful staff. The staff was very friendly and caring, and the doctor too..they provide the best service."
Dr. Daniel Cobb and the staff of Alex Bell Dental view dental care as more than a couple of cleanings a year. We know that oral health impacts your general well-being.
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Twice a year (or as often as recommended for your situation), we want to see you for a thorough dental examination. This exam allows us to assess your overall health, as well as the condition of soft and hard tissues and we check for oral cancers. We use Radiography to see inside the teeth and to look at the bone.

If additional care is needed, we discuss options and develop a treatment plan. Your input is very important in this process. Good home care is critical to your oral health. Because our concern is the health of the whole body, we also treat the following concerns.

Sleep Apnea is a chronic disorder that causes shallow breathing. Often there are one to two pauses lasting seconds to minutes in your breathing rhythm during your sleep. This disorder disrupts your sleep and causes you to be tired during the day and can become fatal if not treated.

Fluoride Toxicity: Because research shows that fluoride causes neurological problems, we routinely do not use or advocate the use of fluoride to reduce dental caries.

Mercury Toxicity: Amalgam has been used in fillings for ages and contains a high level of mercury that eventually leaks into a person’s system and can cause severe health issues. If you have amalgam fillings it is important to have them evaluated by an experienced dentist and possibly replaced with material that does not contain mercury.

Our dental team is well aware of the oral systemic link, and we believe that a healthy smile extends to a healthy body. By using more biological and holistic services such as composite fillings instead of silver amalgam, and by avoiding the use of fluoride in our practice, we can help our patients sustain a health smile for life. If you are located in the Centerville area and are ready to take charge of your smile, contact Alex Bell Dental today to schedule your consultation visit and learn about the ways in which we can improve the health and beauty of your smile!

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