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Benefits of a Mercury Safe Dentist in Centerville, OH

When it comes to attaining perfect oral health, many experts believe that it can only be achieved by using a mercury safe dentist, such as a dentist at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH. Mercury, which is a component of amalgam fillings, has been used for years. However, studies show that amalgam can result in mercury toxicity in the body.

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings that are used to treat tooth decay. Tooth decay is removed, and the dentist fills the inner area of the tooth with silver amalgam. To do so, the amalgam must be melted. The vapors that are released during the melting of amalgam can release mercury toxins to everyone in the room—to both the patient and staff. This is unsafe and can cause a number of problems if mercury toxicity occurs.

Dr. Cobb, of Alex Bell Dental, is committed to providing patients the best in holistic dentistry. He recommends that patients use composite fillings rather than silver amalgam to eliminate the risk of mercury toxicity and improve aesthetic appearance of the tooth. Additionally, patients who visit his practice to have mercury fillings removed enjoy the benefits of a mercury safe dentist in Centerville, OH. During the removal of mercury fillings, Dr. Cobb adheres to the safety protocols of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). These protocols are strictly followed to provide a safe environment for both patient and dentist.

Patients can experience better oral health and wellbeing by eliminating toxins from the body. Those who have experienced problems related to mercury toxicity experience a reduction in these problems after their fillings are removed. Mercury toxicity is known to attribute to conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, neuromuscular changes, mental impairment, and high blood pressure.

Dr. Cobb is a mercury safe dentist in Centerville, OH who is focused on ensuring that everything that is completed for patients is done in but the safest effective way with constant attention to the environment. When patients visit Dr. Cobb to discuss mercury fillings, he can educate them on what to expect during removal and the benefits of composite materials over silver amalgam. Patients know and trust Dr. Cobb to provide exceptional dental care in his practice.

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