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Replacing missing teeth with dental implants from your Bellbrook, OH dentist aids in function and beauty

Tooth replacement is not something that we often think about. That is, until a situation arises in which this form of restorative care becomes necessary. Through the past several years in dental history, implants have taken center stage as a highly effective form of tooth replacement. In fact, there is archeological evidence that various forms of implants have been used throughout history, dating back to ancient times.

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The beauty of this restorative treatment is that missing teeth are replaced with implants, as well as the roots lost along with natural tooth structure. In our dental office near Bellbrook, OH, we recommend tooth replacement with dental implants for several reasons. Quite significant is the fact that implants are the only treatment that addresses both the missing tooth and its root.

The effects of tooth loss

When a natural tooth is lost or must be removed, there are consequences within the bone tissue of the jaw. This bone relies on stimulation from natural teeth roots to remain strong and intact. In the absence of teeth roots, the calcium contained in jawbone tissue becomes depleted, bone degeneration occurs. The rate of bone resorption varies from person to person. In everyone, however, the gradual process is persistent. In time, the effects of bone loss result in a facial transformation that implies age.

Dental implants to the rescue

Dental implants are prosthetics that are situated within healthy jaw bone. Once in place, the process of osseointegration occurs. Broken down, this term equates to ‘bone’ (osseo), and ‘to make whole’ (from the Latin integrate). In osseointegration, healthy bone becomes fused around the implant just as it does with natural teeth roots.

Through osseointration, dental implants become as stable as natural teeth, making this form of restorative care the most successful to date. Replacing a missing tooth, or all teeth, with dental implants or an implant-supported denture, results in superior comfort and function. In addition to sustaining natural jawbone structure for beautiful facial contours, implants allow you to eat, speak, laugh, and smile with total confidence.

Missing teeth are a problem. Alex Bell Dental has solutions that will recreate a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact us to learn more about dental implants.


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Dr. Daniel Cobb

Dr. Daniel Cobb

A graduate from the Loma Linda University with degrees in Dentistry and Public Health, Dr. Daniel Cobb has 6 years of experience in international dental work and over 30 years of experience in private practice.

Whilst being a skilled and talented professional, Dr. Cobb firmly believes in providing the very best care to his clients so that they are at ease. He values dedication and strives to provide a genuine service to his community.

As a driven and focused expert, Dr. Cobb is certified in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and continues to educate himself on the positive impact of improving dental health.

Meet Dr. Daniel Cobb

I am so glad that Dr. Cobb introduced me to his teeth whitening treatment, Kor teeth whitening.
He was so great in taking the impression of my teeth first and making sure the tray fits me well and then explaining in how to use it properly.
Now everyone is complimenting me on how perfect and terrific my smile is and to which dentist I go to- of course I tell them about Dr. Cobb!!!!

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