Get Your Dental Zoom Whitening in Centerville, Ohio, to get rid of Yellowing and Stains

Get Your Dental Zoom Whitening in Centerville OH Area to Get Rid of Yellowing and Stains

One of the most frequent cosmetic dental complaints is staining and yellowing of the teeth. Over time, a patient’s teeth are discolored from foods and drinks such as berries and tea, and especially in those who smoke and drink coffee or wine frequently. Eventually, these people will have a yellow or dull smile and will want to find a safe and effective way to remove stains and whiten teeth. Now, they can get the results they need because there is an incredible whitening treatment called dental Zoom Whitening in Centerville, Ohio, that can provide superior dental patient results. Dental Zoom Whitening in Centerville, Ohio … Continue reading

Dental treatment in Centerville, Ohio – when are crowns a good choice?

Dr. Cobb is a proud member of IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

Your smile is the physical expression of your greatest inner beauty, happiest moments, and most cherished memories. Yet, if you have untreated tooth damage, that smile can quickly become a source of pain and unhappiness. When that happens, you can count on Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, Ohio, for healthy, beautiful solutions. Dr. Cobb is a proud member of IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) who practices biocompatible, conservative dentistry. Our dental crowns are made of porcelain, which is inert and metal-free. Porcelain has virtually identical aesthetic properties to tooth enamel, making … Continue reading

How the Solea Laser is redefining dental care in Centerville?

How the Solea Laser is redefining dental care in Centerville

Here at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, we are in the business of smiles. We believe dental care should be a gentle, pleasant experience that gives you a reason to smile. No one likes pain, needles, or the dreaded sound of a drill. In fact, these are among the most common reasons for dental anxiety. Thankfully, drills and scalpels are quickly fading into history thanks to modern technology, such as the Solea Dental Laser. Taking the stress out of dental care Solea is a revolutionary new technology that takes the pain and fear out of seeing a dentist. This … Continue reading

West Carrollton dentist offers tips to keep your mouth healthy

West Carrollton dentist offers tips to keep your mouth healthy

When searching for a family dentist in West Carrollton, it’s important to find a practice that believes in prevention as much as providing restorative and cosmetic treatment. Patients who have the best oral health often attribute it to daily oral health habits and twice-yearly appointments that prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental advises his patients on proper prevention techniques to prevent tooth decay or gum disease, the leading causes of oral health problems. Dr. Cobb and his team ensure that educating the patient is a part of every appointment. They provide … Continue reading

Skilled dentist answers all of your oral health care questions in the 45459 area

Image Of Happy Patient

While searching for the best dentist in the 45459 area, patients typically look for two things. First, they want to find a dental practice that offers a complete suite of services under one roof and a dentist they trust completely. Dr. Daniel Cobb and his team at Alex Bell Dental are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care along with nearly all of the dental services a patient needs. From preventative checkups to treatment for cavities, gum disease, TMJ, or missing teeth, Alex Bell Dental is the premier choice for patients who want an individual oral health plan. The following are … Continue reading

Dental care treatments from a Dentist in the Kettering, OH community

Image Of Smiling Woman

At Alex Bell Dental, we care about our patients and their oral health. We understand that patients may encounter a wide variety of unique situations when it comes to their dental care. Our practice provides exceptional care for patients of all ages and is equipped to handle nearly any situation that may occur. Our office is located in Centerville, which is convenient for patients in the surrounding area, including those looking for a dentist in the Kettering, OH, area. At Alex Bell Dental, we offer treatments that include dental examinations, cleanings, sleep apnea and snoring solutions, and treatments for teeth … Continue reading

Working with Your Dentists in Centerville, OH, Can Prevent Gum Disease

Dr. Daniel Cobb, Alex Bell Dental Ask What to expect from the dental implants procedure in Dayton

There is no better time than now to make a change in your oral health. It’s up to you! Be confident in your smile, no matter where life takes you. Dr. Cobb would like to help you fight a harmful invader – gum disease. It can wear you down and keep you from doing things that are important to you. You may have thought cavities were the only thing you might hear your dentist say you have while on a yearly visit, but gum disease can attack anyone, and you may not know you have it. We can help. There … Continue reading

A dentist can make a difference in Dayton, OH smiles

Zoom teeth Whitening from dentist in Centerville

Dental care is an important part of having a healthy body. When your skin is dry, for example, you put lotion on. However, to possibly prevent your skin from becoming dry in the first place, you should use it beforehand. The same principle applies to having great dental care. If you take care of your teeth and gums prior to your dental visits each year, you might just be amazed by how well you feel. Brushing and flossing regularly is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that might mean coming in for a visit more than twice a year … Continue reading

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