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What Centerville, Ohio patients can expect after full mouth reconstruction with dental implants

Many patients in Centerville, Ohio are turning to dental implants for full mouth reconstruction after missing teeth. Whether the teeth were lost to trauma, disease, or extraction, the result is damaging to a patient’s smile. Dental implants have over a 90 percent success rate and offer additional advantages such as improving the appearance of the smile and restoring basic functionality such as chewing and speaking.

Dr. Daniel Cobb, Alex Bell Dental Describes What Centerville, Ohio patients can expect after full mouth reconstruction with dental implants

Dr. Cobb offers these tips for patients immediately following the implant surgery.

  • Rest – Implant surgery is surprisingly pain-free and as a result, many patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately following the procedure. It is important to remember that proper healing time is necessary for any surgery and some patients may be encouraged to take it easy for a few days in order to allow their mouth adequate time to recover as would be necessary with any surgery.
  • Rinse – A salt-water rinse can help reduce swelling, ease discomfort, and promote faster healing. Simply add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water, swirl it around in your mouth several times before spitting it out.
  • Consume soft foods – In the days following your procedure, your diet should consist mainly of soft foods. Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar that would require extra brushing, as this could irritate your mouth.
  • Take prescribed medications – Dr. Cobb may prescribe an antibiotic to keep your mouth free from infection. If medication is prescribed, make sure to complete the medication as directed.
  • Gently clean your mouth – It is important to keep your mouth and the implant free from bacteria. In order to do this, you will still need to brush your teeth daily. Take extra precaution to brush softly and avoid any tissue injury.

Dental implants are durable, and long lasting. Once the dental implants have healed and they have been restored, they become an integrated part of your mouth and require no special care. Proper oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, and twice-yearly visits to Dr. Cobb will help ensure that they stay healthy.

If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about dental implants to restore functionality and improve the appearance of your smile, call Dr. Cobb to schedule a consultation.


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Dr. Daniel Cobb

Dr. Daniel Cobb

A graduate from the Loma Linda University with degrees in Dentistry and Public Health, Dr. Daniel Cobb has 6 years of experience in international dental work and over 30 years of experience in private practice.

Whilst being a skilled and talented professional, Dr. Cobb firmly believes in providing the very best care to his clients so that they are at ease. He values dedication and strives to provide a genuine service to his community.

As a driven and focused expert, Dr. Cobb is certified in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and continues to educate himself on the positive impact of improving dental health.

Meet Dr. Daniel Cobb

I am so glad that Dr. Cobb introduced me to his teeth whitening treatment, Kor teeth whitening.
He was so great in taking the impression of my teeth first and making sure the tray fits me well and then explaining in how to use it properly.
Now everyone is complimenting me on how perfect and terrific my smile is and to which dentist I go to- of course I tell them about Dr. Cobb!!!!

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