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Gum Disease Treatment

Best gum disease treatment options from dentist in Centerville

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that can cause irreparable damage. In the majority of patients, gum disease can be avoided through regular oral health care at home and routine dental well checks with professional cleanings.   Treatment for the disease depends on how far it is advanced. The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. The good news is that the symptoms of this earliest stage are reversible with prompt treatment. Most cases of gingivitis are treated with a professional deep cleaning and an improvement in the oral hygiene routine at home.   If patients do … Continue reading

Centerville patients ask for the best gum disease treatment options

Best gum disease treatment options from expert dentist in Centerville

Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, work with patients to ensure good home oral hygiene habits. They explain the importance of brushing and flossing, and educate their patients on the best techniques to use and products to buy. However, even with the best oral care habits, problems such as gum disease can occur. In these cases, Dr. Cobb offer fast and effective treatment to restore the health of the mouth. What is gum disease? Gum (or periodontal) disease is an infection that causes the gums to become inflamed, sore, and bleed. It must be addressed quickly … Continue reading

In Centerville the key to healthy smiles is periodontal care

Periodontal care from expert dentist in Centerville

Is your smile as white as it could be? Are your teeth and your mouth as healthy as they could be? The best way to find out is with an examination and a dental cleaning. Medically known as prophylaxis, a dental cleaning is a simple and painless procedure to remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth.   Dr. Daniel Cobb recommends that families in Centerville, OH, visit his Alex Bell Dental office twice a year for a regular care, which includes periodontal cleaning and a checkup. During this appointment, the patient will go through a few easy steps including x-rays, … Continue reading

Dayton, OH area dentist discusses diagnosis of periodontal disease along with treatment options

Periodontal Disease Diagnosis from expert dentist in Centerville

An estimated 50 percent of Americans suffer from some sort of periodontal disease. This can range from the milder gingivitis to advanced periodontal disease. Our team at Alex Bell Dental is experienced and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of all stages of periodontal disease. Diagnosis: Gingivitis Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease and is by far the mildest form of the condition. During the gingivitis stage, patients may experience chronic bad breath, inflamed gums, bleeding during brushing, and receding gum tissue. While all of this sounds unpleasant, the good news is that these symptoms can be reversed … Continue reading

Treating gum disease for your health

Gum Infection treatment from expert dentist in Centerville

Gum disease often starts off slowly and with few symptoms. You might experience red or swollen gums, for example. Or you might notice them bleeding when brushing your teeth. These, often subtle, occurrences are early signs of gingivitis. Other signs can include bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth.   While having gingivitis does not necessarily mean that you will get gum disease, it is a sign that you should change the way you take care of your teeth. When you first notice these signs, it is best to visit your dentist as soon as possible. You will … Continue reading

Preventing periodontal disease in Centerville

Preventing Gum Disease with help from expert dentist in Centerville

Residents of Centerville are no different from anyone else. We love to eat good food, we develop unhealthy habits, and sometimes we just don’t practice good oral hygiene. That leads to gum disease.   Gum disease starts as gingivitis. Bacteria in the biofilm that coats your teeth take up residence under the gum line and cause soft tissues to become inflamed. Your gums look puffy and discolored, there’s an odd taste in your mouth, and others notice your bad breath.   Unimpeded, gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease. As infection attacks ligament and bone, which support your teeth, they become loose … Continue reading

Centerville patients ask, “How can I prevent gum disease?”

Preventing Gum Disease with help from dentist in Centerville

You have probably heard the term gum disease many times in your lifetime. Whether on a TV commercial or at the dentist’s office, we are presented with a lot of information on the importance of proper oral hygiene in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. At Alex Bell Dental, we believe in educating our patients on the importance of good oral habits to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Gum disease does not only affect the mouth, but can also put you at risk for other health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. By following a few … Continue reading

Periodontal disease – Centerville, Ohio

Periodontal disease treatment from dentist in Centerville OH

Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, Ohio has been in practice for numerous years, ensuring that his patients enjoy happy, healthy smiles! One of the most important aspects of Dr. Cobb’s profession is that he gets to help his patients avoid dental problems such as periodontal disease.   Periodontal disease is an infection that can first destroy the soft tissues of the gums, and then attack the sockets where the teeth are planted in the gums. It is also referred to as gum disease. The result is pain and the possible loss of teeth as gums recede … Continue reading

Your systemic health and the risks of Gum Disease in Centerville OH

Gingivitis treatment from dentist in Centerville OH

What is systemic health? It is the health of your whole body. In dentistry, the term oral systemic health is often used to describe the link between oral health problems, especially gum disease, and other serious health risks. Dr. Daniel Cobb, in Centerville OH, has degrees in dentistry and general health, and understands this important connection well. He stays at the forefront of research and technology, with over 100 hours of continuing education every year.   Dr. Cobb maintains a focus on prevention of gum disease through excellent dental care and fastidious oral hygiene. Your routine office visits will include … Continue reading

What you need to know about Gum Disease: signs and symptoms

Gum Disease treatment from dentist in Centerville OH

What is Gum Disease? It is an infection of the tissues and bones surrounding your teeth. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and can be linked to other medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH specialize in treating the two principal stages of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease, consisting of swelling in the gums that often bleed when a patient brushes his or her teeth. Gingivitis doesn’t cause any pain and often goes unnoticed. It … Continue reading

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