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Are you a good candidate for dental implants in Centerville, OH?

Dr. Daniel Cobb, Alex Bell Dental Asks Are you a good candidate for dental implants in Centerville, OH?

Missing teeth can be detrimental to your appearance, health, and self-esteem. One of the most recommended options for replacing them is dental implants. Centerville, OH, residents considering implants can benefit from the experience and expertise of Dr. Daniel Cobb and this team of dedicated professionals at Alex Bell Dental.

The placement of dental implants is a very low risk procedure, with a high rate of success. Complications are rare, and nearly anyone who is missing teeth can be a good candidate. Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Cobb will perform an examination, review your medical history and have x-rays taken to determine if implants are right for you. In most cases, implants are an excellent option. However, there are a few factors to consider including:

  • The condition of your teeth – Sometimes extraction is necessary for severely damaged teeth, but they can often be saved with a root canal procedure and crown.
  • Health problems – Few afflictions are prohibitive of such a low risk procedure, but your dentist should be aware of any health conditions you may have, or medications you are taking.
  • Bone loss – If your teeth have been missing for some time, or were lost due to periodontal disease, your jawbone has probably begun deteriorating. Implants cannot be placed without adequate bone tissue. If bone loss is to far advanced, a graft may be necessary prior to the implant procedure.

Providing you are reasonably healthy, and have sufficient bone structure (either naturally, or through grafting), dental implants are most likely your best option for replacing missing teeth. Some of the benefits of implants include:

  • Versatility – Replace a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch. Mini implants can be used to stabilize specially designed dentures.
  • Stability – Implants are supported by bone, providing superior strength.
  • Durability – With good care, they are expected to last over four decades.
  • Health – Titanium is biocompatible, and not known to cause any allergic reactions. It also bonds with the bone, preventing deterioration.

If you have one or more missing teeth, come to Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, and find out how you can benefit from dental implants.


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