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A Centerville dentist offers safe removal of amalgam fillings

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville Area

Over the years, there has been a tremendous amount of research about the effects of mercury on the body, and because of this, many patients have become concerned about the negative effects of their old amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals and can contain up to 50% mercury. Mercury is widely conserved one of the most toxic substances one earth – so it stands to reason that individuals may be on the lookout for safer alternatives. At Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, we offer a procedure for the safe removal of amalgam fillings. The problem … Continue reading

Improve your health with the safe mercury amalgam removal technique in Centerville, OH

3D illustration of a mercury amalgam

For over a century, dentists have used a liquid mixture called amalgam that is made of metal alloy and mercury to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. These types of fillings are usually known as “silver fillings.” However, the metals in these fillings, especially the mercury, can cause potential health hazards to patients who have them in their mouths as small amounts of the metal are perpetually released into the body. In Centerville, OH, holistic dentist Daniel Cobb, DDS, LLC uses the safe mercury amalgam removal technique to help patients restore their health. By removing the amalgams that contain mercury … Continue reading

Dentist in Centreville, OH describes the importance of a safe mercury amalgam removal method

Dr. Daniel Cobb uses safe mercury amalgam filling removal methods, in Centreville, OH.

At Alex Bell Dental, patients in the area of Centreville, OH have access to many solutions for their smiles, including cosmetic and restorative treatments. When patients have silver amalgam fillings, they can work with a dentist who understand the importance of safe removal methods. These fillings can be unhealthy and can have a negative impact on the smile, so removing them carefully is essential for the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in the procedure. What are silver amalgam fillings? Over the years, many dentists have used silver amalgam fillings to repair cavities. However, in the recent years, studies consistently … Continue reading

Why patients in Centerville, OH should choose biologic dentistry

Biologic dentistry services from dentist in Centerville

Your smile is important. A beautiful smile can increase your confidence while unsightly teeth can leave you self-conscious. Healthy teeth leave you feeling great while tooth decay can lead to intense toothaches. Even more importantly, your oral health can be closely linked with your overall health. When it comes to the care of your teeth, you need a dentist who is proactive about your health, not one that just handles problems. If this sounds intriguing, it may be time for a visit with a biological dentist such as Dr. Cobb. The skinny on Biological Dentistry Biological dentistry is a philosophy … Continue reading

Kettering, OH area patients ask, “What are holistic dental services?”

Wide range of holistic dental services rom dentist in Kettering, OH

More and more information has come out in recent years about the connection between oral health and total wellness. Many dental issues have a direct connection with other medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. Today, many dental providers are taking a more holistic approach to dental services and focusing beyond just the teeth and gums. Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental believe that what goes on in the mouth has an impact on the patient’s wellbeing. This includes oral hygiene, disease, dental procedures, and the materials used in those procedures. As a … Continue reading

Mercury Free Dentistry Solutions in Centerville

Mercury Free Dentistry Solutions from dentist in Centerville

Alex Bell Dental offers Mercury free dental services to all of our patients. Mercury is a known biological toxin and Dr. Cobb believes firmly in biocompatible materials such as porcelain crowns and composite fillings as an alternative to amalgam fillings. In the past, amalgam fillings, which are composed of up to 50% mercury, were the standard of care. Originally used as a low cost alternative to gold fillings, amalgam fillings gained in popularity as more and more people went to the dentist. Amalgam fillings are sensitive to temperature and can release toxic vapors when warmed through daily activities such as … Continue reading

Holistic Dentistry in Dayton, OH

Holistic Dentistry from dentist in Dayton, OH

Holistic dentistry focuses on the patient’s wellbeing as a whole. Your oral health plays a large part in the context of your overall physical health. Some key aspects of holistic dentistry focus on mercury-free solutions and non-surgical treatment for gum disease. At Alex Bell Dental, Dr. Cobb focuses on promoting health through this biologic approach to dentistry. He offers a variety of holistic treatment options that treat the body as a whole, not just a disease of the teeth. If you are in the Dayton area and want a dentist who truly cares about your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, … Continue reading

The benefits of mercury free dentistry in Dayton, OH

Mercury free dentistry from dentist in Dayton, OH

We frequently see news stories claiming the dangers of mercury. Often we are aware of it in the food we eat, but what many people don’t realize is one of their biggest mercury exposure risks may be in their own mouth. If you look at your teeth and see silver or gray fillings in your teeth, you currently have mercury (amalgam) in your mouth. Amalgam fillings contain 50 percent mercury, which is a known toxin. Because mercury emits vapor when heated, people who have mercury fillings for decades are continually being exposed to small amounts of toxic vapors every time … Continue reading

Biological dentistry focuses attention on prevention to help OH patients enjoy healthier lives

Biological dentistry services from dentist in oh

Preventative dentistry isn’t only about brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist. Preventative dentistry encompasses an array of lifestyle changes, precautions, and knowledge all working together to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Cobb and his team at Alex Bell Dental practice biological dentistry which is a philosophy that focuses on the connection between oral health and overall wellness. By taking the necessary steps to keep your mouth healthy, patients can avoid potential oral diseases and improve overall health. Why is preventative dental care so important? In recent times, more and more studies are being published about the … Continue reading

What are the benefits of mercury free dentistry?

Best benefits of mercury free dentistry services from Dentist in Centerville

Patients who have considered visiting a mercury free dental practice such as Alex Bell Dental are often curious to know what the benefits of biological dentistry include. They may understand what holistic and biocompatible dentistry is, but they may not be sure as to what the advantages of visiting a mercury free dental practice may include. First off, a mercury free dental practice such as Alex Bell Dental focuses on the overall health and wellness of the smile and the body. Instead of just seeing patients as a smile that needs to be improved, we envision our patients as a … Continue reading

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