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Tips for finding a mercury safe dentist in Kettering

Dr. Cobb is a mercury safe dentist in Kettering

If you are an adult with fillings, open up your mouth and look in the mirror. Chances are you will find silver looking spots in your teeth. Made of amalgam, these fillings were common in dentistry for many decades because they were deemed strong, long lasting, and affordable.

As we know now, amalgam flings can contain up to 50 percent mercury and pose a toxicity risk to patients and dental staff. Mercury toxicity has been linked to many health conditions including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and chronic fatigue. At Alex Bell Dental, we offer safe, biocompatible alternatives to amalgam fillings for patients from Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Biocompatible fillings such as composite resin are metal-free and tooth-colored, which actually gives patients a more natural looking finished product. Most patients can’t tell the different between the natural surface of the tooth and the filling. In addition, because composite resin is a strong material, there is minimal risk of the filling cracking or separating from the tooth.

Once you’ve made the decision to seek mercury safe dental care, it’s important to consider the following when choosing a dentist:

  • Look for a dentist who is committed to holistic dentistry, and not just trying to follow a trend. A true holistic dentist will be concerned with total wellness. The entire philosophy is based on a connection between oral and overall health. A good holistic dentist will always provide care centered on this philosophy. Mercury-safe dentistry should not be a gimmick.
  • Find a dentist who has years of experience in the proper protocol for removal of mercury fillings. In general, most dentists will advise against the removal of amalgam fillings unless they have cracked or split. However, should the need arise; you’ll want a dentist who takes proper safety precautions and knows how to handle and dispose of the filling in the correct way.

At Alex Bell Dental, our team is committed to improving your health, starting with your teeth and your gums. If you live in the Kettering area and you would like to learn more about our mercury-safe practices and experience, please feel free to call us today.

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