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Things to consider when seeking a dentist to remove mercury fillings safely in Dayton

Dr. Cobb is a dentist to remove mercury fillings safely in Dayton

The potential for mercury toxicity has become more and more well known. Many dental practices, like Alex Bell Dental, have taken a holistic approach to dentistry and use only biocompatible materials in all of their restorations. What should we do if we still have mercury amalgam fillings in our mouth? Amalgam fillings can contain up to 50% mercury, which can release toxic vapors when you perform such tasks as chewing or brushing your teeth. If you are considering having your mercury amalgam fillings removed, you will want to consider several things when looking for a dentist.

  1. Face to face consultation. You will want to meet with the dentist to find out more about the mercury removal procedure. During the removal process, fillings should be kept cool with water and air to limit the amount of vapors released.
  2. Inquire about the equipment. The removal of mercury can come with potential for exposure to toxic vapor. The procedure room should be properly ventilated and the dentist should use the appropriate protective gear. Non-latex gloves and rubber dams are essential to decrease the risk of absorbing mercury vapors for both the patient and the dentist. Proper suction must also be utilized to minimize exposure and remove particles.
  3. Ask about their disposal protocol. Make sure that the materials will be disposed of properly and immediately to ensure the mercury is not released into the environment.
  4. Ask for references. Talk with other patients who have had the procedure done about their experience during the entire process.

At Alex Bell Dental, we take all of the necessary precautions to safely remove your mercury amalgam fillings and replace them with safe, biocompatible materials. Our proven approach keeps the safety of the patient and our staff as the number one priority. If you have mercury amalgam fillings, and would like to schedule a consultation to discuss having them safely removed, call us today at (937) 435 7311. We serve patients in Centerville, Kettering, Bellbrook, Miamisburg, Beavercreek, Dayton, and surrounding areas.

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