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Soft tissue periodontal surgery (gum grafting)

Soft tissue periodontal surgery dentist in Dayton OH

Gums are important to the structure of your teeth and the overall health of your mouth. Gums hold your teeth in place, and also help protect the sensitive roots. In addition to their functionality, they add to the aesthetics of your pleasing smile. But at times we may experience gum recession on one or several teeth. Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental can help! He is trained and experienced in performing soft tissue periodontal surgery to repair cosmetic and functional problems with your gums.
Soft tissue periodontal surgery is essentially a gum graft or gingival graft. Tissue for the graft is typically taken either from the roof of the patient’s mouth, or obtained by donation from another subject. This tissue is then placed by surgical technique at the gum line in order to provide protection to the exposed tooth or teeth. This grafting will improve the functionality of your gums, and can enhance the overall appearance of your smile.
Gum grafting is not uncommon. It can be done for patients who are experiencing receding gums, or for those who are not satisfied with uneven or misaligned gum lines. Many individuals pursue gum grafting because they have tooth sensitivity or have had issues with periodontal disease. Soft tissue periodontal surgery is an affordable, effective way to improve your gum line and gum tissue cosmetically. It is also the best way to address damage that may have occurred due to periodontal disease which is causing discomfort or root sensitivity, and to protect the area of recession from developing dental caries (cavities).
Are you unhappy with your appearance because of your gums? Do you have concerns regarding gum recession and tooth sensitivity? You may find relief and comfort in soft tissue periodontal surgery. Dr. Daniel Cobb can work with you to achieve a confident smile, and get you on your way to a healthier mouth!
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