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Oral Surgery Treatment

Oral Surgery Treatment from dentist in Centerville

One of the most common forms of oral surgery is wisdom tooth extraction. While there are many people who will not experience any issues with their wisdom teeth, removal is often done as a preventative measure. Wisdom teeth have the ability to change alignment of the teeth, necessitating orthodontic treatment.
Wisdom teeth usually begin to erupt sometime during the late teens or early 20s. In many cases, the teeth become impacted, meaning they grow in at an angle or sideways. Some patients may experience wisdom teeth that have begun to emerge above the gum line while others are still within the jaw.
In addition to wisdom tooth extraction, oral surgery is also used as a form of treatment for teeth that need to be extracted. Some of the most common reasons for extraction are:

  • Extensive decay
  • Fracture
  • Advanced gum disease

Oral surgery for extraction can be broken down into two main categories: simple and surgical extractions.
Simple extractions are typically done with only a local anesthetic. The area will be numbed and the patient will be full conscious. Simple extractions are done on teeth that are fully erupted. The dentist will slowly lift and remove the tooth, being careful not to break it during the process.
Surgical extractions are done under IV sedation. The patient will be fully relaxed but still conscious. Most patients have no recollection of procedures performed under IV sedation. During this type of extraction, the dentist will make an incision to help remove the tooth. In some cases, the tooth will need to be sectioned into smaller pieces for easier extraction.
Recovery for surgical extractions will be longer than a simple extraction. In both cases, the patient will experience numbness and trouble eating or speaking. Inflammation is another common side effect. The dentist will send you home with instructions on how to manage inflammation or pain.
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