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Centerville patients ask about the safe removal of mercury fillings

Dr. Cobb is a dentist to remove mercury fillings safely in Centerville

If you are an adult who has had cavities filled, there is a good chance you have mercury (amalgam) fillings in your mouth. For decades, they were the most common fillings placed by dentists. In recent years, studies have uncovered the potential toxicity in mercury and the risks it presents to patients. Amalgam fillings are composed of approximately 50 percent mercury, and emit toxic vapors when heated, which can happen through daily activities such as brushing or chewing.

There are many reasons patients may wish to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed. In addition to their health risks, silver fillings are very noticeable, and they do not give patients the natural look many are trying to achieve. Whether for personal, cosmetic, or health reasons, Dr. Cobb is experienced in the safe removal of mercury fillings and can replace them with a safe, natural looking alternative like porcelain or composite resin.

It is important to choose a provider who is experienced in the safe removal of mercury fillings and takes all of the necessary precautions. The entire team at Alex Bell Dental is very careful to adhere to the following precautionary measures:

  • Proper cooling of the fillings – Dr. Cobb will keep the mercury filling cool with both air and water during the drilling process. This limits the amount of mercury vapors released.
  • Use of rubber dams – This practice isolates the tooth, making filling extraction easy and keeping the filling particles from being swallowed.
  • Use of non-latex gloves – Non-latex gloves are less likely to absorb the mercury vapors.
  • Proper suction – Dr. Cobb and his team will use a high volume suction to minimize particle and vapor exposure.
  • Alternative air source – Patients are given oxygen throughout the entire procedure.
  • Proper disposal – To ensure hazardous materials are not reintroduced into the environment, all materials are disposed of immediately and properly.
  • Use of ion generator in room – To clean mercury vapor from air.
  • Use of HEPA filter – To reduce mercury vapor from air.
  • Use of non latex rubber dam material – To better protect patient.

If you currently have metal fillings, call our office today to learn more about our mercury removal procedures. At Alex Bell Dental, we are committed to providing our Centerville patients with a safe removal procedure that leaves our patients with a healthy and natural looking smile.

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