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Zirconium Implants

Zirconium Implants near Centerville, OH

Centerville dentists offer zirconium implants as a natural tooth replacement

Although you strive to maintain the health of your natural teeth, tooth loss can happen. When this occurs, a dental implant is a sturdy, long-term option to restore your smile. A dental implant is a natural tooth replacement as it takes on the function of a tooth root. In Centerville, OH, Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental offer zirconium implants to replace missing teeth giving you a better quality of life.

Biocompatible, safe zirconium implants

Our teeth have roots, which are below the surface of the gums, and crowns, which are visible. For tooth replacement, our practice utilizes zirconium implants from Z-systems. These implants are designed to mimic the natural structure of the tooth. The post of the implant is situated below the gumline to replace the root while the abutment sits above to secure a biocompatible restoration.

Made of biocompatible ceramic, zirconium implants are metal-free and safe for patients. These implants integrate completely into the jawbone. They do not irritate the tissues of the mouth or cause negative side effects. Zirconium implants cause very little accumulation of bacterial dental plaque which is often the cause of gum disease.

Zirconium implants are white. The base color closely mimics a natural tooth. For patients with thin or receding gums, if the implant is visible, it still appears to be a natural part of the tooth.

What our patients say

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This doctor is very careful to meet all your needs while under his care, and the the staff makes the visit easier. I am a difficult patient when it comes to dental work, & after experiences with many other dentists, Dr. Cobb rates far above all the others.
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Advantages of zirconium implants

Benefits of zirconium implants include:

  • Natural – Bones and gums integrate easily with zirconium oxide ceramics.
  • Sustainable – Less plaque accumulates which reduces the risk of disease.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – The white material more closely resembles a natural tooth so there are no gray shadows.
  • Healthy – Zirconium implants are metal-free and biocompatible. They do not cause irritation and are accepted by the body.
  • Strong – The ceramic material is sturdy and strong. It can withstand the natural functions of a tooth.
  • Successful – Z-systems implants have a high success rate.

Our success rate and patient satisfaction rate with dental implants are extremely high. Schedule a consultation at our Centerville, OH office with Dr. Cobb. Call (937) 435 7311.

The world of safe ceramic implants
Zirconia ceramic material and zirconia dental implants

Our success rate and patient satisfaction rate with dental implants are extremely high.
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