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3D Cone Beam X-rays

Learn how a 3D cone beam X-ray can provide better dental treatment in Centerville, OH

Learn how a 3D cone beam X-ray can provide better dental treatment in Centerville, OH

Dental imaging technology has come a long way in the last few years, allowing dentists to create 3d images of your mouth to get the highest level of detail possible. At Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, Dr. Cobb uses 3D cone beam x-ray technology to provide detailed images for diagnosing issues with your teeth, gums, and TMJ, as well as planning oral surgeries such as dental implants.

How does a dental cone beam X-ray work?

A dental cone beam uses highly focused x-ray beams to provide clearer images. The device is designed to move around your head and take as many as 700 images in a matter of seconds. Computer software will turn these images into a three-dimensional picture that allows Dr. Cobb to evaluate the health of your jaw, teeth, soft tissues, and nerves. This information can provide exact measurements that allow Dr. Cobb to plan surgeries or restorations with precision.

Patients will stand under the scanner and bite down on the mouthpiece. You will need to hold still for a moment while the scanners circles your head to takes the images. Dr. Cobb will review the results of your scan within moments, and the two of you can discuss any issues that come up and form a treatment plan to address them.

How Dr. Cobb uses your scans

Cone beam X-rays allow Dr. Cobb to spot dental carries and other issues as soon as they develop so he can offer the most conservative treatment possible for his patients. Dr. Cobb may recommend a cone beam scan to diagnose TMJ issues, preparing to extract an impacted tooth, evaluating the health of your jawbone and gum tissue when planning a dental implant, or in some cases to identify the source of your pain. These images can also be useful for designing veneers and crowns, planning orthodontics, and diagnosing sleep apnea or snoring.

Dr. Cobb is a biological dentist that utilizes the highest quality technology to design treatments that minimize the impact on your body. Patients in the Centerville, OH, area looking for a “dental cone beam near me” can contact our office today at (937) 435 7311  to schedule an appointment.

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