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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery near Centerville, OH

Oral surgery from the team you trust in Centerville, OH

In qualified hands, oral surgeries are generally uneventful. They heal promptly, producing the desired outcome. Yet the word “surgery” can sound a bit scary. Isn’t it nice to know that, in most cases, the oral surgery you need can be performed at the dental office you know, by the professionals you trust – Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH.

Procedures we perform

  • Tooth extraction – We do our best to help you keep natural teeth. However, there are situations in which extraction is the best choice for your overall health. Expect a brief, low-stress experience with our gentle techniques.
  • Wisdom teeth removal – Third molars may crowd your bite, forcing healthy teeth out of proper alignment. In some cases, wisdom teeth do not fully emerge, becoming impacted in bone or under gums. We handle all but the most complex wisdom tooth extractions in house.
  • Dental implant – An implant is an artificial tooth, inserted into the jaw bone. It becomes the anchor for a dental crown or denture.
  • Bone grafting – Jawbone begins to deteriorate when a tooth is missing. Bone supplementation may be necessary for successful placement of an implant. This is accomplished with a graft of your own bone, from a cadaver, from animal sources, or utilizing a synthetic compound.
  • Soft tissue contouring – Surgical techniques improve the appearance of gum recession, or excessive gum tissue that makes teeth look too short.

When a specialist is needed

Our dentists, Dr. Daniel Cobb, is experienced in routine oral surgeries. However, your wellbeing is always our top priority. If a specialized type of surgery is needed to effectively treat your condition, we provide referral to a trusted oral surgeon, an expert in that area. We will be happy to provide follow-up care.

New oral surgery patients are welcome at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH. Call (937) 435 7311.

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