Zoom Teeth Whitening

Banish stains with Zoom teeth whitening in Centerville, OH

Banish stains with Zoom teeth whitening in Centerville, OH

Coffee may be helping you get through the day, but if you are drinking several cups a day, it can lead to significant staining. Tea, wine, and tobacco can also discolor your teeth and take the confidence out of your smile. If you need quick results to get ready for an upcoming event, we can help. Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental offer Zoom teeth whitening for a cost-effective way to brighten stained teeth in a single visit.

Benefits of Zoom whitening

While there are countless over-the-counter products that promise results, none of them are as safe and effective as professional teeth whitening that a dentist can offer. The products sold in stores use hydrogen peroxide in much lower concentrations, and results can take weeks or even months. It is also much more difficult to safely apply the gel without getting it on your gums or cheeks, and you may wind up swallowing some of it if you are not careful.

Zoom is specially formulated to minimize sensitivity during the application, so the treatment is much more comfortable than other whitening procedures. The Zoom bleaching agent is activated by a special light to accelerate the treatment so you can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades in under an hour.

What to expect during your procedure

Zoom whitening should be scheduled immediately following your routine cleaning. One of our hygienists will place a protective cover around your teeth and apply the bleaching agent directly on your teeth. After about 15 minutes, they will check the progress and may reapply the gel for a total of up to three treatments. At the end of the procedure, they will apply a special gel to minimize sensitivity in the days following the whitening.

Dr. Cobb can also create a custom-fitted tray and give you whitening gel to use at home to maintain your results. You will apply the gel to the tray, and it will fit snugly over your teeth to prevent ingestion or spread to your soft tissues and wear it for the recommended time. Patients in the Centerville, OH, area looking for “Zoom teeth whitening near me” should contact our office today at (937) 435 7311 to set up an appointment.

Dr. Daniel Cobb

A graduate from the Loma Linda University with degrees in Dentistry and Public Health, Dr. Daniel Cobb has 6 years of experience in international dental work and over 30 years of experience in private practice.

Whilst being a skilled and talented professional, Dr. Cobb firmly believes in providing the very best care to his clients so that they are at ease. He values dedication and strives to provide a genuine service to his community.

As a driven and focused expert, Dr. Cobb is certified in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and continues to educate himself on the positive impact of improving dental health.

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