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Dental Care

Dental Care, Centerville OH

Centerville, OH practice provides bio-friendly dental care

Are you are searching for a dentist near Centerville, OH with a fresh perspective on oral healthcare? The team at Alex Bell Dental provides a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry services . . . with a difference. Here, dental care is part of a whole-body wellness plan.

Biological dentistry

As biological dentists, Dr. Daniel Cobb practice with a deep respect for the inter-connection of the mouth to the rest of the body. They utilize the safest available materials and techniques to correct dental problems, while striving to determine and address underlying causes.

  • Mercury-free – We place no amalgam fillings. Instead we utilize composite resin that contains no mercury. These fillings blend so beautifully, no one will know you had a cavity.
  • Mercury-safe – Dr. Cobb is an IAOMT member, trained in amalgam removal procedures that minimize mercury exposure.
  • No fluoride – Possible health hazards of fluoride treatment outweigh potential benefits. We do not advocate topical application of fluoride or dietary supplements.
  • Avoidance of root canal therapy – Nerve canals in teeth have a multitude of microscopic tubules, tiny channels that extend through tooth structure. It is impossible to entirely disinfect root canals after pulp is removed. Root canal therapy leaves a dead tooth in your mouth. Toxins from infection remain inside, with the potential to travel throughout the body. We recommend extraction and implant placement as an alternative.

Here when you need us most

While our practice is not a walk-in dental clinic with a full-time emergency dentist, we understand that problems don’t usually happen when it is most convenient. Our scheduling protocol allows time for emergencies, so that we can usually see urgent cases same day. Meanwhile, you can count on calming advice and instructions on how to minimize discomfort.

Your search for holistic family dental care ends here. Call our Centerville, OH office at (937) 435 7311.

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