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Learn what is TMJ & TMD

Dr. Daniel Cobb, Alex Bell Dental Describes what is TMJ & TMD

Centerville is the center of everything for many who call the great state of Ohio home. Centerville is known for its commerce, people, family feel, and its dental professionals – can you imagine what your life would be like without any of those things?

Dentistry is a growing field. Not only are there innovations in dental medicine annually, but more and more dentists are specializing in treating common and uncommon oral ailments that people experiencing. One of the most uncomfortable of these conditions is TMJ/TMD.

TMJ/TMD is a condition characterized by chronic facial pain that centers on the joints in the jaw. The temporomandibular joints are located in the jaw, and are very complex joints that allow the mouth to open and close using hinge, rolling, sliding, and gliding motions. TMJ/TMD can make something as simple as opening your mouth to speak very uncomfortable.

TMJ/TMD can be caused by several factors; stress, teeth grinding (Bruxism), trauma, recent restorative procedures in the mouth, excessive nail biting or gum chewing, degenerative joint disease, and taking too large of bites of food.

Treating TMJ/TMD can be simple, or it can be difficult depending on the cause. In some cases, the dentist will refer you to your primary care physician for pain management or stress management care. In some cases, if the cause is oral, the dentist can perform corrective procedures in order to relieve the jaw joint of the stressor (like in the case of bite issues after restoration procedures).

For mild cases of TMJ/TMD, pain medication can be prescribed and can relieve the problem. For more severe cases, surgical intervention may be the only effective form of treatment.

There are many families who eat together in Centerville. TMJ and TMD can turn life’s simple pleasures, such as eating a meal with your loved ones, into a painful experience. If you believe you are suffering from TMJ/TMD, you should visit a skilled Centerville dentist as soon as possible.


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