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Effective options for treatment of TMJ disorders in Centerville

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TMJ is a common condition that affects the jaw joints. TMJ can be painful for the patient and challenging to diagnose because of the wide variance in symptoms between patients. As a dentist, Dr. Cobb is specially trained to understand how the mouth works, so he is able to effectively diagnose and treat the disorder. Alex Bell Dental is a holistic dental practice, which means all of our treatments and procedures are built upon the belief of restoring health and quality of life to the patient. Our team is committed to bringing relief to patients who are suffering with TMJ disorders in Centerville and the surrounding areas.

To diagnose TMJ accurately, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation. There are many subsets, or types, of TMJ disorders, so it is important to find an accurate diagnosis. TMJ can be caused by a variety of factors including injury, diseases, or even genetic deformities.

The most common form of TMJ is usually associated with bruxism, or grinding and clenching of the teeth. This type of disorder typically causes pain in the muscles that move the jaw. For patients with this type of TMJ disorder we begin by attempting conservative treatment. For many patients, TMJ can resolve on its own. Patients may use ice packs to alleviate pain and avoid eating hard foods during the healing process.

Unfortunately, for many, the TMJ is chronic and does not resolve on its own. For these people, we recommend the use of an occlusal orthotic appliance. The device is designed to take the strain off the jaw and is custom fabricated for each individual. It fits over the teeth and typically only needs to be worn overnight (when bruxism is usually at its worst). The appliance keeps the jaw muscles from clenching, finally giving patients the relief of waking up pain-free.

If you find that you are waking up every morning with pain in your jaw, chances are it is affecting your quality of life during the day. With the help of the team at Alex Bell Dental, relief can be a phone call away. Call to find out more about this effective treatment for TMJ.


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