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Centerville patients ask about tingling hands and other ways that TMJ can affect the body

TMJ problems can occur for a number of reasons. Persistent grinding and clenching, often related to stress could be a cause. Another common cause for TMJ is a poor bite. The pain from TMJ can be intense and located right around the joint, or it can be dull and aching, more like an earache. In addition, patients in the Centerville area with TMJ may also experience symptoms in other areas of the body.

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The symptoms of TMJ can range from earaches and headaches, all the way down to tingling in the hands and fingers. Because of this, diagnosing the condition can often become difficult, leaving patients with chronic, bothersome discomfort.

How TMJ affects the body

The body is a bipedal design. Our legs support the spine and our head is balanced on top of it. When the joints of the jaw are out of balance, the body must overcompensate. This means that the muscles of the head and neck will pull at each other, causing strain. This strain can cause symptoms such as facial and neck pain, tension headaches, and earaches.

This imbalance can continue to move down the spinal column, causing pain in the shoulders and back. Some patients will experience sudden, sharp pain, while others may simply notice daily activities causing them increasing discomfort.

Additionally, TMJ can cause pinched nerves. These nerves may be located near the jaw joint or run down the back. When the spine tries to keep balance it may compensate by curving in a certain direction. When the spine curves, nerves that run to various parts of the body can become pinched. The most commonly pinched nerves are the brachial nerves that extend to the hands and fingers. Symptoms of a pinch in the brachial nerves are tingling, pain, or numbness in the fingers.

Treatment for TMJ is typically an appliance that will allow the muscles of the jaw to relax. If you are experiencing any symptoms of TMJ, it is important to see your Centerville area dentist right away for an evaluation. With treatment, you can soon be on the path to relief.


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Dr. Daniel Cobb

Dr. Daniel Cobb

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