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Centerville OH patients ask, “How can I prevent tooth cavities?”

Your oral health has direct ties to the wellness of the rest of your body. Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to remaining healthy. Issues such as periodontal disease can affect the bloodstream and actually affect other conditions like heart attacks and strokes. In addition, failing to take care of your teeth can result in cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss or extraction. Avoiding cavities and keeping your mouth healthy is possible through a few easy steps.

Prevent tooth cavities with help from dentist in Centerville OH
  1. Establish an oral health routine. Food particles that are left on the teeth lead to plaque and tartar build up and eventually will cause tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing after every meal can remove these particles and prevent bacteria from developing on the teeth and gums. You should also floss at least once per day to remove particles that brushing alone cannot reach.
  2. Clean your teeth the right way. Did you even know there was a right way to brush your teeth? Well, there is. Brushing your teeth should last at least two minutes, but three minutes is ideal. Aim the toothbrush bristles at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Soft, short strokes up and down the teeth will clean best without causing abrasions. Brushing should be in a circular or vertical motion, not horizontal. Make sure to brush all surfaces of the teeth, including the inner side that your tongue touches.
  3. Maintain regular dentist visits. You should visit your dentist twice per year. This is for a number of reasons. First, issues like cavities can be caught early when they are easy to address. Second, professional cleanings can help rid the teeth of plaque and tartar that at home brushing may not completely remove. It also allows your dentist to uncover any other potential issues like gum disease when they are treatable with less invasive methods.

With proper preventative dental care and at home care, issues such as cavities and gum disease can be completely preventable. Dr. Cobb is available for both new and existing patients. It doesn’t matter if it’s been years since you last saw the dentist. He will be happy to help you get back on the road to oral health. If you are in the Centerville area, call our office today to schedule a consultation.
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Dr. Daniel Cobb

Dr. Daniel Cobb

A graduate from the Loma Linda University with degrees in Dentistry and Public Health, Dr. Daniel Cobb has 6 years of experience in international dental work and over 30 years of experience in private practice.

Whilst being a skilled and talented professional, Dr. Cobb firmly believes in providing the very best care to his clients so that they are at ease. He values dedication and strives to provide a genuine service to his community.

As a driven and focused expert, Dr. Cobb is certified in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and continues to educate himself on the positive impact of improving dental health.

Meet Dr. Daniel Cobb

I am so glad that Dr. Cobb introduced me to his teeth whitening treatment, Kor teeth whitening.
He was so great in taking the impression of my teeth first and making sure the tray fits me well and then explaining in how to use it properly.
Now everyone is complimenting me on how perfect and terrific my smile is and to which dentist I go to- of course I tell them about Dr. Cobb!!!!

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