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Choosing an amalgam free dentist in Centerville

Dr. Cobb is a amalgam free dentist in Centerville

At Alex Bell Dental, we believe that the materials we use in our treatments are just as important as the services themselves. We practice holistic or biological dentistry, which means that we are amalgam free, and all of the materials we use are biocompatible. The health of the mouth and body are connected. By taking care of the mouth and using only the safest materials, we help contribute to the overall wellness of our patients.

Why amalgam-free?

Amalgam fillings were once considered standard practice by most dentists. In fact, if you are an adult and you have had cavities filled, chances are you have a silver filling in your mouth. Amalgam can be made of up to 50% mercury and can include metals such as silver, tin, copper, and zinc.

When mercury is heated, it releases vapor. This can happen during normal functions such as chewing, drinking hot beverages, grinding the teeth, or even brushing them. These vapors can be inhaled and pose a potential toxicity risk. By using a safe alternative such as composite resin to fill cavities, the risk of mercury toxicity is eliminated. In addition, composite resin fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth, so they blend in and look natural.

There are other advantages to biocompatible materials such as composite resin and porcelain. These materials do not expand or contract with temperature, which means they are stable. Additionally, they bond to the tooth itself, adding strength. The health and wellness of all of our patients is our number one priority. Amalgam fillings can be harmful to your wellbeing, which is why we are an amalgam-free practice. By focusing on preventative measures and safe restorations, we help our patients enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles.

If you are in the Centerville area and would like to visit a holistic dental practice that offers a wide range of biocompatible services including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic treatments, call us today. We also offer safe removal of amalgam fillings and can consult with you one on one to determine if you are a candidate.

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