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Holistic dentist helps Dayton, Ohio patients understand the holistic practice

Dr. Cobb practice holistic dental care

Studies have shown the health of your body is affected by the health of your mouth. Holistic dentistry is the practice of treating oral health issues using only materials and procedures that are safe for the entire body. At Alex Bell Dental, Dr. Daniel Cobb and his team focus on overall health and wellbeing when determining the best treatments for his Dayton, Ohio-area patients. Dr. Cobb explains more about the practice of holistic dentistry: Holistic vs. traditional dental practices Dr. Cobb believes that patients have enough outside stressors on the body. Therefore, he carefully chooses and plans a patient’s treatment. … Continue reading

Tips for finding a mercury safe dentist in Kettering

Dr. Cobb is a mercury safe dentist in Kettering

If you are an adult with fillings, open up your mouth and look in the mirror. Chances are you will find silver looking spots in your teeth. Made of amalgam, these fillings were common in dentistry for many decades because they were deemed strong, long lasting, and affordable. As we know now, amalgam flings can contain up to 50 percent mercury and pose a toxicity risk to patients and dental staff. Mercury toxicity has been linked to many health conditions including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and chronic fatigue. At Alex Bell Dental, we offer safe, biocompatible alternatives to amalgam fillings for … Continue reading

Understand the symptoms of mercury toxicity

Symptoms of mercury toxicity explained by Dr. Cobb

These days, much can be read and discussed about the safety of amalgam fillings. These fillings, which are silver in appearance, were the go-to solution for dentists for many decades. Amalgam is composed of a mixture of elements. It can contain up to 50 percent mercury. Because mercury emits vapors when warmed, patients with amalgam fillings are exposed to the mercury when they perform everyday tasks such as brushing, chewing, or grinding the teeth. As a holistic dental office, we believe in the studies that prove that mercury is a neurotoxin, capable of exposing patients to dangerous vapors. We do … Continue reading

Choosing an amalgam free dentist in Centerville

Dr. Cobb is a amalgam free dentist in Centerville

At Alex Bell Dental, we believe that the materials we use in our treatments are just as important as the services themselves. We practice holistic or biological dentistry, which means that we are amalgam free, and all of the materials we use are biocompatible. The health of the mouth and body are connected. By taking care of the mouth and using only the safest materials, we help contribute to the overall wellness of our patients. Why amalgam-free? Amalgam fillings were once considered standard practice by most dentists. In fact, if you are an adult and you have had cavities filled, … Continue reading

Finding a mercury safe dentist in Dayton

Dr. Cobb at Alex Bell Dental mercury safe dentist in Dayton

If you have had a cavity filled, chances are good that you may have amalgam fillings in your mouth. These metal fillings were once the standard because they were thought to be long lasting, safe, and inexpensive. However, metal fillings can contain up to 50 percent mercury. In the past decades, concerns have been raised about the potential toxicity of exposure of low levels of mercury. Studies have linked mercury toxicity to several diseases including heart disease, tremors, and even Alzheimer’s. At Alex Bell Dental, we are a mercury free practice and provide treatments with only biocompatible materials. Metal free … Continue reading

Kettering area patients realize the benefits of biological dentistry solutions

benefits of biological dentistry solutions from Dr. Cobb at Alex Bell Dental

Most general dentistry practices focus on treating problems. For example, a patient comes in with a cavity and the dentist fills it. A biological dentist like Dr. Cobb at Alex Bell Dental focuses on the bigger picture. To Dr. Cobb, dentistry is not just about placing fillings or crowns; it’s about improving oral health and by extension, overall health. A biological dentist is one that looks at the body as a whole. There is close attention paid to the interconnection between the mouth and the rest of the body. Patients can benefit from biological dentistry as they come to understand … Continue reading

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