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Dental treatment in Centerville, OH – when are crowns a good choice?

Dr. Cobb is a proud member of IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

Your smile is the physical expression of your greatest inner beauty, your happiest moments, and your most cherished memories. Yet, if you have untreated tooth damage, that smile can quickly become a source of pain and unhappiness. When that happens, you can count on Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH for healthy, beautiful solutions. Dr. Cobb is a proud member of IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) who practices biocompatible, conservative dentistry. Our dental crowns are made of porcelain, which is inert and metal free. It also has virtually identical aesthetic properties … Continue reading

Dentist in Centreville, OH describes the importance of a safe mercury amalgam removal method

Dr. Daniel Cobb uses safe mercury amalgam filling removal methods, in Centreville, OH.

At Alex Bell Dental, patients in the area of Centreville, OH have access to many solutions for their smiles, including cosmetic and restorative treatments. When patients have silver amalgam fillings, they can work with a dentist who understand the importance of safe removal methods. These fillings can be unhealthy and can have a negative impact on the smile, so removing them carefully is essential for the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in the procedure. What are silver amalgam fillings? Over the years, many dentists have used silver amalgam fillings to repair cavities. However, in the recent years, studies consistently … Continue reading

Dentists in Centerville, OH discuss the types of treatments available for periodontal disease

At Alex Bell Dental, Drs. Daniel Cobb and Douglas Nyakundi are dentists who are committed to providing treatment for a variety of dental concerns

At Alex Bell Dental, we want our patients to have healthy smiles for life. With proper preventive care and routine visits, patients can avoid conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Dr. Daniel Cobb in Centerville, OH can assist with general dentistry, and they offer treatments for many conditions. If you are interested in visiting dentists who have your best interests at heart and offer the services to help your smile, we welcome you to our practice! Understanding preventative care Many patients are aware that they need to combine home oral hygiene with routine visits to their dentists for … Continue reading

Types of oral surgery procedures available with Dr. Douglas Nyakundi of Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH

Dr. Daniel Cobb and his team at Alex Bell Dental provide a wide range of services for patients to consider

When it comes to the need for oral surgery, it is important to have a team on your side that offers a wide variety of solutions under one roof. There are many types of treatments that may be required for patients in the area of Centerville, OH, and Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental can assist. What types of oral surgery is available? There are various types of surgery available for patients who need comprehensive treatment for a variety of dental concerns. Below is a small sampling of the services provided in our office without the need for referral … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental care: It is much more than you realize in Centerville, OH

improve the appearance of your smile, at Alex Bell Dental, Dr. Daniel Cobb D.D.S.

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty? While it highly promoted, the term simply refers to procedures intended solely to improve the appearance of your smile. At Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, Dr. Daniel Cobb take a different approach. They apply an element of artistry to every dental treatment, for care that preserves oral function, contributes to a healthier body, and beautifies your smile. What makes a face attractive? The short answer is – everything! An appealing countenance isn’t made of one element – it is the result of each component balancing and complementing the … Continue reading

Zirconium implants: Why patients in Centerville, OH choose this metal-free option

Dr. Daniel Cobb and his team at Alex Bell Dental are pleased to offer Z-systems ceramic implants and Straumann implant systems

Dental implants have been in use in this country since the 1980s. In the hands of a qualified dental team, the success rate is excellent, providing long-term tooth replacement that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. The technology behind implant design, materials, and placement has continued to evolve. Today, patients at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH have a healthy metal-free option that looks gorgeous – zirconium implants. About dental implants A dental implant is a post positioned into jawbone during a brief, but carefully-planned oral surgery. As bone fuses solidly with the implant, it forms a foundation … Continue reading

How the Solea Laser is redefining dental care in Centerville

How the Solea Laser is redefining dental care in Centerville

Here at Alex Bell Dental in Centerville, OH, we are in the business of smiles. We believe dental care should be a gentle, pleasant experience that gives you a reason to smile. No one likes pain, needles, or the dreaded sound of a drill. In fact, these are among the most common reasons for dental anxiety. Thankfully, drills and scalpels are quickly fading into history thanks to modern technology, with the Solea Dental Laser. Taking the stress out of dental care Solea is a revolutionary new technology that takes the pain and fear out of seeing a dentist. This single … Continue reading

Oral cancer screenings from a dentist in the 45459 zip code area can save lives

Oral cancer is a disease that is often diagnosed after it has spread to other parts of the body. When caught early, the mortality rate is significantly lower. This means that early detection is extremely important. Through regular exams and oral cancer screening, Dr. Cobb and the team at Alex Bell Dental can help catch the signs of cancer early when it is the most treatable. We believe in the importance of oral cancer screening for the majority of our patients. The process for oral cancer screening is quick, easy, and painless. Dr. Cobb will begin with a visual examination … Continue reading

Oral health tips from your Centerville dentist

Dr. Cobb takes great care to make sure he forms a trusting partnership with his patients. A patients’ smile is often the first impression they give people and improving the health and appearance of those smiles is the number one priority at Alex Bell Dental. Proper brushing and flossing along with regular dental visits are essential to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Dr. Cobb recommends all patients visit his office twice a year for optimal results. In addition, there are number of steps you can follow to ensure you have a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful … Continue reading

West Carrollton dentist offers tips to keep your mouth healthy

West Carrollton dentist offers tips to keep your mouth healthy

When searching for a family dentist in West Carrollton, it’s important to find a practice that believes in prevention as much as providing restorative and cosmetic treatment. Patients who have the best oral health often attribute it to daily oral health habits and twice yearly appointments that prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Dr. Daniel Cobb of Alex Bell Dental advises his patients proper prevention techniques can prevent tooth decay or gum disease, the leading causes of oral health problems. Dr. Cobb and his team make sure that educating the patient is a part of every appointment. They … Continue reading

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