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Dentists in Centerville, OH discuss the types of treatments available for periodontal disease

At Alex Bell Dental, Drs. Daniel Cobb and Douglas Nyakundi are dentists who are committed to providing treatment for a variety of dental concerns

At Alex Bell Dental, we want our patients to have healthy smiles for life. With proper preventive care and routine visits, patients can avoid conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Dr. Daniel Cobb in Centerville, OH can assist with general dentistry, and they offer treatments for many conditions. If you are interested in visiting dentists who have your best interests at heart and offer the services to help your smile, we welcome you to our practice! Understanding preventative care Many patients are aware that they need to combine home oral hygiene with routine visits to their dentists for … Continue reading

Tips to help prevent and identify the signs of gum disease

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Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when the tissue that surrounds the teeth becomes infected. It is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and can have a damaging impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Gum disease can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions, which is why it is imperative that you seek dental treatment immediately. Fortunately, in most cases, gum disease is treatable and with proper dental care and hygiene, it can be avoided altogether. Sugars and carbohydrates in our food feed the bacteria always present in the mouth and form plaque, a … Continue reading

Identifying gum disease early can help Dayton area patients save their natural teeth

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Gum disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the soft tissues in the mouth. While it is more common in men and older adults, it can affect patients of all ages. It develops when plaque accumulates around and underneath the gum line. Gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease is a bacterial infection that can cause chronic bad breath and swollen, bleeding gums. It is the mildest form of the disease and it can be controlled and reversed. However, once gum disease progresses, the toxins from the bacterial infection will damage the gum tissue and bone, and can eventually lead … Continue reading

Recognizing the symptoms of gum disease can help your Kettering OH area dentist provide the best treatment

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Gum disease is one of the most common oral health issues among adults. We see it in our office more often than we’d like, and often, patients seek help after the disease has progressed and caused irreversible damage to the mouth. Part of our goal at Alex Bell Dental is to educate all of our patients about this progressive condition and explain what it can do to the teeth and gums. We discuss the proper steps for preventing gum disease, along with the most common symptoms. By recognizing the early signs and symptoms of gum disease, treatment can be less … Continue reading

Centerville area dentist helps patients identify the symptoms of gum disease

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It’s common knowledge that you should brush and floss your teeth every day. Most people understand this as a way to prevent tooth decay (cavities). Did you also know that improper oral hygiene could lead to gum disease? Gum disease not only affects the health of the mouth, but it can also put you at an increased risk for other conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. The best way to prevent gum disease is to maintain good oral health and visit with your dentist regularly. In addition, knowing the symptoms of gum disease can help you identify the problem … Continue reading

Understanding and treating gum disease in Centerville, Ohio

Treating gum disease with help of dentist inn Centerville, Ohio

Many Centerville, Ohio patients wonder how, with daily brushing, they could be diagnosed with gum disease. However, gum disease, which occurs when bacteria causes an infection below the gum line, is quite common. Gum disease is diagnosed in several forms: Gingivitis is the most common form of gum disease and can usually be treated with a combination of in-office professional cleaning and extra care at home to ensure the mouth stays free from plaque and bacteria. Periodontitis occurs when gingivitis goes untreated. It’s a more serious condition that causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets which then … Continue reading

Gum therapy treatment for patients in Centerville with periodontitis

Gum therapy treatment from expert dentist in Centerville

Gum disease is a serious condition that, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss, bone degradation, and an increased risk for other disease. When it comes to gum disease, prevention is the primary focus. In general, gum disease can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits. It is also important to understand the signs and symptoms of gum disease.   In its first stage, gingivitis, gum disease is most notably characterized by the bleeding of gums while a patient brushes his or her teeth. Other symptoms include swollen or red gums and bad breath. If patients … Continue reading

Practices to keep after treatment for periodontal disease in our Centerville practice

Best gum disease treatment options from expert dentist in Centerville

Gum disease is a condition that affects millions of people without their knowledge. We do everything we can to help our patients discover the true state of their oral health, hopefully before treatment for periodontal disease in our Centerville office becomes necessary. Some say that gum disease can develop without warning signs. There are always signs, but they can be easily missed. It is for this reason that dental check-ups are scheduled every six months.   In the best-case scenario, gum disease is discovered in its earliest stage of gingivitis, when there is still a chance of reversal. Past this … Continue reading

Giving the gums the attention they need to avoid disease is the best treatment in our Dayton OH practice

Wide range of Methods for treating Gum Disease from dentist in Dayton

It is easy to draw the conclusion that your teeth and gums are healthy because they look clean. However, it is vitally important to maintain regular dental visits to catch problems that may not be visible when looking in the mirror. Part of the comprehensive care we provide at Alex Bell Dental is to assess gum tissue as well as the teeth carefully. Assessing gums regularly is one of the best ways to avoid the need for advanced gum disease treatment in our dental practice near Dayton, OH.   Gum disease is a tricky condition to catch. Called a silent … Continue reading

Methods for treating Gum Disease

Wide range of Methods for treating Gum Disease from dentist in Centerville

Treatment for gum disease is largely dependent on how far the disease has progressed. When discovered early enough, gum disease can generally be treated with non-surgical methods. Dr. Cobb focuses much of his time on educating patients about prevention of dental conditions. Proper daily brushing and flossing, along with antibacterial mouth rinse can help keep patients from contracting gum disease.   Once Dr. Cobb determines that a patient does have gum disease, he will perform a comprehensive exam and analysis of the mouth to see how far the disease has progressed and develop the most effective treatment plan.   Mild … Continue reading

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